Granny Mod + Apk for Android

Granny mod apk is a new horror game that has already become popular entertainment on mobile devices. Flee from the mad grandmother, who has closed you in her house and is going to kill in the most horrendous ways. You have only five days to escape all the traps and escape this terrible old woman. Explore the house in search of the necessary things and do not fall for the eyes of your grandmother, which can end for you very, very deplorably.

Gameplay Granny mod apk

In fact, Granny mod is a adventure game. You need to explore the various rooms in the house of the grandmother to find in them the things necessary for survival. The game is full of various puzzles, the solution of which can really save the life of your character! The most important thing is to avoid the very old woman who is ready to do anything to trap you and kill you.

In Granny hack, you have only five days to be saved. Throughout these days you are free to do anything you want, if only it would benefit your cause and help save bloodthirsty grandmother from the clutches.

Features of Granny mod apk

Granny mod offers you an interesting horror story where you need not just hide from the killer, but also solve various puzzles that will help you escape death and escape from a closed house. Graphics in Granny hack, although three-dimensional, but very simple, so it looks somewhat outdated and strange for the modern game.

The result

If you want to tickle your nerves, then welcome to Granny mod. This is an excellent game, where there are both horror elements, and interesting and unusual puzzles, on which the outcome of the whole game depends. Can you live five days in confinement with an unusual killer? Try it, and you will definitely like it!

Moreover, Granny hack is available to you completely free. Just download the game to your mobile device, install it and enjoy the full gameplay, just like in the original game. Good luck in your misadventures, what else can you say. The main thing – watch the sounds so that the grandmother could not surprise you!

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