Gummy Paradise Mod (Infinite lives, moves) + Apk for Android

Gummy Paradise mod apk is a fun puzzle game “three in a row” that offers you to go through many levels where, in fact, all these puzzles have to be solved. The game is a cartoon story where you need to help the main characters cope with all the troubles by solving puzzles. You will do this in the company of cute characters that will somehow help you.

Gameplay Gummy Paradise mod apk

The essence of Gummy Paradise mod, like any other similar puzzle, is to make combinations of the same elements and to earn points on it. The more items in the combination, the more points you can earn! They are necessary in order to be able to proceed to the next stage of the game. Keep in mind that for each level you are given a limited number of moves that you can use!

The higher the level of breaking into Gummy Paradise hack, the harder you will come across puzzles. But do not worry, you can always take advantage of various bonuses that will help you in passing particularly difficult levels, where sometimes it is impossible to do without reinforcements at all!

Features hacking Gummy Paradise mod apk

Infinite lives and moves? No problem! Together with the modification for Gummy Paradise mod you will get the opportunity to play without any restrictions. Even more, with it you can even easily go through the most difficult stages in breaking into Gummy Paradise hack, because with endless moves you can work wonders by collecting as many combinations as you need!


Gummy Paradise mod is a set of interesting puzzles that will delight not only children, but also adults! Go back to your childhood and help the characters overcome all the obstacles to their goal by solving numerous puzzles.

Download Gummy Paradise hack, you can absolutely free. Just use the free links and download the full version of the game, both with and without modification. In any case, you will be able to play your favorite puzzles without restrictions, passing successively all the levels that are in the game!

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