Hard Time (Prison Sim) Mod (All Open) + Apk for Android

Hard Time (Prison Sim) mod apk – a game where you can go behind bars. Of course, here you will not stay forever, but feel on yourself all this horror. Here, not only the concrete walls, but also the characters themselves will put pressure on you. In your cell you will be able to go out of your mind very easily, which is absolutely forbidden for you to do. Help your hero to remain a man, even staying behind bars.

Gameplay Hard Time (Prison Sim) mod apk

In the game Hard Time (Prison Sim) mod you lose your freedom and go to the bench. Here you have to live the life of one of the prisoners, who slowly begins to lose his mind. You need to help him stay human and live to be free. In prison, you will meet a lot of aggressive people who will rush at you just like that.

Breaking into Hard Time (Prison Sim) hack you have to stand up to anyone who only looks in your direction. You will come across rivals with different strengths and you should not be scared. Always fight to the last, because so you can earn yourself credibility. To recuperate your hero take him to the dining room, although there you may be in danger.

Features hacking Hard Time (Prison Sim) mod apk

The game Hard Time (Prison Sim) mod has a feature that is very useful to you. In the local store, you will initially have everything open and you can buy it at any time. You will earn money by participating in battles with other players, thereby saving them from unnecessary costs. On the received award in the break Hard Time (Prison Sim) hack you can pump your player.


Hard Time (Prison Sim) mod – a game where you can check how much you would stretch without freedom. Here you will fight not only with prisoners, but also with guardians of order. This territory has its own rules, which you hardly want to obey. You need to help your character not to break, because here everything will negatively tune him.

Download the game Hard Time (Prison Sim) hack is very simple, everyone can handle it. Take a mobile device or any other modern gadget and click on the install button. After a couple of minutes you can start the game.

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