HeliHopper Mod (Free Shopping) + Apk for Android

HeliHopper mod apk is a very funny arcade platformer in which you will control a small helicopter! You are waited by travel on various platforms on which you will constantly move upwards, overcoming various obstacles on your way. Get ready to go through dozens of levels, collecting all the awards for them, to be able, if not to lead, then at least enter the list of the best players!

Gameplay HeliHopper mod apk

In HeliHopper mod in general, there is nothing difficult! This is a fairly simple platformer, where all you need to do is to correctly calculate the direction of flight in order to fly from one platform to another without falling. Of course, gradually the complexity will only grow, so be prepared for any difficulties that will eventually appear before you. The main thing – do not retreat and go to the end!

To get maximum results in breaking into HeliHopper hack, it is not enough just to fly from platform to platform. It is also necessary to collect all sorts of bonuses that do not hang in one place, but constantly move around the entire level. So before the next flight you should think about the optimal trajectory for the selection of all bonuses, until they disappeared!

Features hacking HeliHopper mod apk

In HeliHopper mod has its own game store, where you can buy various things and bonuses that will help you in passing particularly difficult levels. If you do not want to spend money on them, then download the modification and get it all for free! So you will have no problem going through HeliHopper hack entirely!


HeliHopper mod is a fun arcade game that perfectly relaxes and improves your mood. If you are bored, you can always return to the game and try to go through the next stage with the maximum result for the record!

Download HeliHopper hack you can absolutely free and without restrictions. Just use the links and download your full copy of the game to your mobile device. Well, then – many hours of gameplay, which will become even more fun with the modification!

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