Hexacells Mod + Apk for Android

Hexacells mod apk is a very exciting and non-standard puzzle game that reminds you of the popular game Minesweeper! Here you have to correctly determine which of the hexes are necessary to win. This means that dozens of levels are waiting for you, where you will have to be not only attentive, but also remember mathematics in order to successfully overcome all the difficulties and trials on the way to victory and points!

Gameplay Hexacells mod apk

The gameplay in Hexacells mod, as well as puzzles, very simple in perception. At each level, a playing field is given, filled with plain hexes. Your task is to correctly determine the winning blue hexes, but for this you need to look at the numbers, which are of two types: external and internal. External numbers represent the number of blue hexes in a row, and internal numbers indicate the number of blue hexes around the hex where this number is written.

Actually, your task in breaking into Hexacells hack is correctly and on the first attempt to determine all blue hexes, otherwise you will have to re-pass the whole level. The faster you complete the task, the more points and rewards you can collect!

Features hacking Hexacells mod apk

Hexacells mod is a simple puzzle game, where all levels are available initially, you just need to open them by passing through all the previous stages. So the whole feature of the game is that you will play the full version of Hexacells hack always and completely free of charge!


Hexacells mod is an interesting game that will help you pass the time and spend it fun. In addition, playing this puzzle, you can also develop your logical thinking, as well as train attentiveness! In general, playing will be not only fun, but also useful!

Download Hexacells hack you can always and absolutely free. Just follow the links and download the current version of the game on your mobile device, then at any time to play and go through all the levels that the game only offers you!

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