Hidden Folks Mod + Apk for Android

Hidden Folks mod apk – this is a very simple game in the genre of “hidden object”, in which you will be faced with a very difficult task. The thing is that the game is made in a minimalist black and white style drawn, so finding the necessary things will be too difficult for you. However, do not lose heart! Just be patient and be careful to successfully go through all the many stages of the game!

Gameplay Hidden Folks mod apk

Hidden Folks mod consists of several dozen levels in which you need to search for certain items listed at the bottom of the screen. In addition to the necessary items, there is also a huge amount of unnecessary things on the screen, which will make it difficult for you to search. Because of the special style of the game, it will be very difficult to search for objects based on only black outlines, but this is the whole essence of the game, which distinguishes it from similar works.

In breaking into Hidden Folks hack you will need to go through all the levels to reach the final. Get ready to look very closely at all objects, so it will not be out of place to be patient and diligent before passing the next stage of this fascinating and relaxing game!

Features hacking Hidden Folks mod apk

Hidden Folks mod is a fairly simple game, so no modifications for it ever happened. Yes, and they are not needed in principle, because you just need to go through the stages, and look for items on them. So the only feature of Hidden Folks hack can be called free access to all its features!


Hidden Folks mod is a very interesting representative of its genre, which with its stylistics gives you real tests! Simply enjoy 2D minimalistic graphics and go stage by stage!

It will not be very easy to play Hidden Folks hack, but you can download the game to your mobile device absolutely free and easy. Just follow the links provided and download the game, then install it and immediately proceed to the passage of numerous levels!

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