Hide.io Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Hide.io mod apk is an ordinary hide-and-seek game that has been transferred to mobile devices and allows you to play with players from all over the world! Here you have to turn into one of the objects and hide in unobvious places from other players. Depending on the card, the set of items will change, but the goal is still to remain the same – to hide better, or to find all the players for a limited time!

Gameplay Hide.io mod apk

In Hide.io mod are very simple rules of the game. Players are divided into two teams, each of which has its own tasks. The first team must find all the players for a given amount of time, simply clicking on all suspicious items. In this case, each wrong press takes one point of life. And when all attempts end, this player is eliminated until the next round.

The second team is breaking into Hide.io hack hiding from the first. Before the start of the round there is an opportunity to choose the item into which you want to turn, and it will move to where, in your opinion, the subject will suspect the least of all that it is not in its place. The winner is the team that performs the task before the end of the timer!

Features hacking Hide.io mod apk

Despite the fact that Hide.io mod is a multiplayer game, it also has its own modification, which adds a huge amount of game money to your account. This means that you can immediately purchase all the items and accessories that are only available in Hide.io hack! Give your character a unique look!


Hide.io mod is a great team game with an interesting idea that the overwhelming majority of players will like. Just plunge into the world of hiding and try to complete the task to the end!

Starting a game is simple. Download Hide.io hack to your mobile device, install the game, start it and log into any server. Well, then – it all depends on which team you got into. Hide better or show all your ingenuity and find all the players who will hide well from you!

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