High School Story Mod (Lot of money) + Apk for Android

High School Story mod apk is a great storyline strategy game where you are invited to build your own school and populate it with different students who will communicate with each other and gradually develop. Immerse yourself in a wonderful world where you will build the school of your dreams, gradually developing various buildings and gaining substantial profits from it, in order to then invest them in regular upgrades!

Gameplay High School Story mod apk

In High School Story mod you need to help the main characters build a school from scratch. To do this, follow the quests and tips that will guide you in the early stages of the construction of the school. But even this is sometimes not enough and you have to perform additional tasks for the sake of valuable rewards and the opportunity to open more and more new buildings. It is also important to purchase decorations that will enhance the prestige of your school in the entire virtual world!

The second part of High School Story hack is a life simulator. In it, you create yourself the main character and travel with him through his own school. Communicate with peers and perform their tasks in order to find friends and find virtual love for your protege!

Features hacking High School Story mod apk

The main feature of the modification for High School Story mod is the opportunity to get a huge amount of money that you can always spend on all sorts of purchases. With them, it will be much easier to build a school, which will significantly speed up your progress in passing the High School Story hack!


High School Story mod allows you to live the life of a student that got into your dream school. Get virtual friends and find love inside your game. Well, just build such a cool school in which you yourself would love to learn!

Download High School Story hack is a very simple task. Thanks to the links, you can always download the current full version of the game in the original or with a modification. In any case, you can play for free and without any restrictions in every sense!

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