Hills of Steel Mod (Endless Money) + Apk for Android

Start a tank and get ready to confront hundreds of enemies on very unusual maps! Hills of Steel mod apk is an interesting arcade action game, where steel monsters are at the head, which will fight on improvised arenas. You are free to create your own tank from the ground up and go to conquer crazy tracks, where there are lots of opponents that are ready to confront you to the end and not to achieve the main goal. Prepare for what will be very hot!

Gameplay Hills of Steel mod apk

Hills of Steel mod is a series of levels on which you have to fight with enemy tanks. In your arsenal will be a variety of techniques, which can also be improved in every way, which will give it additional firepower and strengthen its capacity to overcome the steepest ravines. The whole point of the game comes down to the fact that you need to move forward on a long level, avoiding enemy hits and firing back at them, destroying them one by one.

If this seems difficult, then try Hills of Steel hack, which will add a modification to the game, which makes the game money endless. So you will not be limited in tank modifications!

Features of Hills of Steel mod apk

Hills of Steel mod offers you to take part in dynamic battles on tanks. In this case, you can in every way modify the technique at your own discretion. The further you pass the levels, the steeper the tanks you will be offered to choose from. Hills of Steel hack graphics are two-dimensional, but bright, in a cartoon style.

The result

Hills of Steel mod is an interesting choice for a fun pastime during a trip or rest. All that is required of you in this game is to go ahead and destroy all the enemies on your way.

Hills of Steel hack is wonderful because it is available to you completely free of charge. Moreover, there is an original full version of the game as well as a modified version that provides you with an infinite amount of game currency from the very beginning!

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