Hocus Puzzle Mod + Apk for Android

Hocus Puzzle mod apk – this is another version of the puzzle “three in a row”, which allows you to have fun with the young magician. Help her create various magical things that will work wonders anywhere. To do this, you have to go through dozens of different levels with increasing difficulty, where you need to be careful to find all the combinations and achieve the goals to go to the next levels!

Gameplay Hocus Puzzle mod apk

In Hocus Puzzle mod the game process is not any difficulty. You just need to connect the same elements with one line, while trying to use as many elements as possible in your chain. For the creation of a combination, you will receive points, and all the elements from the chain will disappear from the playing field, giving way to new elements. Thus you will step by step to achieve your goal!

In Hocus Puzzle hack, you will have a limited number of steps, so it must always be taken into account and try to achieve a given number of points in the least number of moves to get even more points and the ability to set a new record, overtaking other players from around the world!

Features hacking Hocus Puzzle mod apk

Modification for Hocus Puzzle mod allows you to get some bonuses that greatly facilitate the passage of the game for you. If you have difficulty solving a regular puzzle, then a modification will be very useful to you in order to quickly go through a difficult section and continue your way into the Hocus Puzzle hack!


Hocus Puzzle mod – a fun and simple game that offers you only puzzles. Here you can always find yourself charging for the mind, because gradually the complexity of the game will increase, as well as the number of points needed to go to the next stage.

You can download Hocus Puzzle hack without any problems and completely free. To do this, simply follow the links and download the full version of the game to your mobile device. Also available is a great modification that adds a lot of interesting things to the game!

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