Home Behind Mod (Free craft, skill points, health) + Apk for Android

Home Behind mod apk is a game where you can try yourself as a refugee. There is a war going on in your country and you have left it to save your life. Your path lies in Europe, in search of a better life. Behind your shoulders is only a cart with things that you could grab with you. You rely on the help and kindness of people, because otherwise you will not survive.

Gameplay Home Behind mod apk

In the game Home Behind mod you will need to help your hero, to find a new home. There were bad times in your neighborhood and it was just impossible to stay there. Having collected the essentials and plunging them into a cart, your hero went where his eyes were looking. He will have to overcome a long way, where he will face a bunch of obstacles that he will have to overcome.

Your hero in Home Behind hack will not be at all sweet and sometimes very hard, so you can’t do without help. You can also make new acquaintances who can help you. But not all people will be positive, some of them will try to kill your hero. So you must be very careful and if something reacts in time.

Features hacking Home Behind mod apk

The game Home Behind mod has several features, where you will need to tell about each separately. Here you will have a free craft that you can use at any time. Also for your travel you need a lot of health, which you and provide Home Behind hack. In the game you will also perform tasks that allow you to earn points.


Home Behind mod is a game where you have to go find a new home for yourself. Here you can forget about comfort, because you will not always come across human conditions. Sometimes you have to spend the night in the deserts where the wild cold reigns. Unfortunately, you will have no other choice and you will have to endure all the inconveniences. Help your hero to survive.

Download the game Home Behind hack is very simple, here you do not need much effort. Take a mobile device or any other modern gadget and click on the install button. After a couple of minutes, you can start your adventures.

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