Homescapes Mod (Infinite Coins and Life) + Apk for Android

Become the owner of the whole mansion and return its former greatness to Homescapes mod apk! Naturally, you will do this with the help of a whole series of fascinating “three in a row” puzzles, each of which is a separate test that is responsible for a specific action in the game. To restore the greatness of the mansion, you need to go through all the stages and overcome all the puzzles! Ready? Then go ahead and you will succeed!

Gameplay Homescapes mod apk

In Homescapes mod the entire gameplay consists of puzzles “three in a row”, which will need to be solved in order to restore this or that thing in the house. The puzzles themselves are pretty standard. Collect combinations of the same elements in the same row; the more the combination, the more points you can earn. You need to accumulate a certain number of points for a limited number of moves!

In addition to puzzles, there is also a rather interesting story with colorful characters in Homescapes hack, which will be revealed to you after each successfully completed puzzle. It is for the sake of such inserts that you should play this game, believe me!

Features hacking Homescapes mod apk

To really play without restrictions in Homescapes mod, you need a special modification that will simplify your gameplay and make it much easier. Its essence lies in the fact that from the very beginning of the game you will receive an unlimited amount of money and lives, which allows you to play in Homescapes hack as much as you want!


Homescapes mod is an interesting game with a very peculiar game world, an interesting story and colorful characters. But the most important thing is just a huge number of various “three in a row” puzzles that will delight you wherever and whenever you want!

Downloading Homescapes hack is pretty easy. Just follow the links provided and download the full version of the game for free. You can download both the original version and the modified version, which will provide you with unlimited money and lives!

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