Hotel Dracula Mod (Money, Premium) + Data + Apk for Android

Hotel Dracula mod apk is a very funny time management clicker that invites you to take control of an amazing hotel. And this is not a simple hotel at all, but the hotel of Dracula itself. It is you who will have to help this vampire cope with all matters, because he doesn’t know at all how to organize the work of such a magnificent establishment in the best way!

Gameplay Hotel Dracula mod apk

In Hotel Dracula mod you will need to help Dracula, the Monster of Frankenstein and Quasimodo to handle all matters related to the hotel business. Start small and gradually, level by level, discover new locations and opportunities. The essence of the game is to quickly perform all actions without creating a queue of disgruntled guests. To do this, simply click on the icons and the appropriate character will do all the work!

When Hotel Dracula hack, you should be especially careful and properly manage time. If at the first levels it will be very simple to perform all the tasks, then gradually the complexity of the game will only grow and grow, forcing you to spend the time properly to reduce the number of dissatisfied customers or everyone is happy!

Features hacking Hotel Dracula mod apk

Modification for Hotel Dracula mod will help to conduct hotel business more successfully, giving you not only money for various improvements, but also premium status. Thanks to the premium, you can get access to exclusive features that will make your hotel in Hotel Dracula hack the best in the world!


Hotel Dracula mod allows you to plunge into a slightly gloomy, but at the same time cheerful atmosphere of a fictional castle, which was converted into a hotel for everyone. Help the monsters to cope with all the affairs and make the pastime of their guests – the best!

Download Hotel Dracula hack can anyone who wants, and completely free! After all, you just need to use the links that allow you to download both the original and the modifications for money and premium mode absolutely free!

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