Hungry Dragon Mod (Money) + Data + Apk for Android

Tired of playing for the pathos of the knights, which destroy dozens of dragons and save the princesses? Then find the vent in the Hungry Dragon mod apk! This is a very fun and interesting arcade from a well-known company that will allow you to feel yourself on the opposite side, becoming a dragon. Devour peasants and fly around the area to burn and destroy as many possessions. After all, there is nothing better than shouting people that they will be afraid of your power!

Gameplay Hungry Dragon mod apk

Hungry Dragon mod is an arcade game in which you control a dragon, and your goal is to eat as many people as possible and damage the settlements. To do this, just fly around and look for peasants, then to fly up to them and eat. It is worthwhile to beware of various soldiers and other special people, who will not be so easy to win. And, of course, throw out the flames so that you are still more afraid of you!

Hungry Dragon hack, as usual, makes one small, but important change in the original game. Namely – makes game money endless! What for? To be free to acquire new dragons, improvements, bonuses and other important things, of course!

Features of Hungry Dragon mod apk

Despite the fact that you will play with a side view, yet Hungry Dragon mod is a three-dimensional game. And a very high-quality three-dimensional game! After all, the feature of this game is not even fun, that it is able to provide, but in its creators who make only quality games! So Hungry Dragon hack can even be called one of the best arcades among other similar games.

The result

Hungry Dragon mod is a fun, but a bit harsh game, which is very interesting to play. After all, all that is required of you is to eat peasants and burn everything around. Due to the simplicity of the gameplay, it will be an excellent entertainment for you at your leisure.

You will get acquainted with Hungry Dragon hack safely and absolutely free of charge. Just upload all the necessary files to your mobile device, install the game itself, and all you have to do is enjoy the game!

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