Idle Apocalypse Mod (Endless Money) + Apk for Android

Idle Apocalypse mod apk is a very unusual clicker in which you have to establish your evil cult and call to the aid of the most disgusting creatures capable of spreading fear and horror to the surrounding lands. Your main task is to build the highest tower where your own cult will develop and flourish. Encourage several dozens of creatures in your ministry to, in case of something, rebuff the various heroes that they will dare to interfere with your plan at the beginning of the apocalypse!

Gameplay Idle Apocalypse mod apk

In Idle Apocalypse mod, your task will be to build different rooms in the cult tower. Each room is responsible for specifically, like mining resources or providing various portals and dwellings for monsters. As you progress through the game, you will discover more than a dozen rooms, so that the tower will turn out to be huge. In addition to construction, the game also contains tasks and various battles, during which you can earn some money and receive valuable rewards.

Particularly noteworthy is the break-in of Idle Apocalypse hack, which provides at your disposal an infinite amount of game money that you can spend on building and improving rooms, as well as improving your monsters!

Features of Idle Apocalypse mod apk

Idle Apocalypse mod is a simple game, and this is its main feature. In addition, it demonstrates an unusual setting, as well as interesting pixel stylistics. It’s the graphics in the break-in Idle Apocalypse hack that creates the very atmosphere of the old arcade games, thanks to a pixelated two-dimensional picture.

The result

Idle Apocalypse mod is an exciting arcade game, which is very fun and easy to play. Since the game, in fact, is a clicker, then you will not find any difficulty in understanding all its mechanics.

Download Idle Apocalypse hack at any convenient time, because this game is available to you completely for free! Moreover, the site also has a modification that allows you to get an infinite amount of game currency also for free and from the very beginning of the game! Is not it great?

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