Idle Car Factory Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Idle Car Factory mod apk is a game where you have to become a real businessman. You are a serious person and your business must be appropriate. That is why you will develop in engineering. A brilliant idea came to you not long ago, and you decided to start building almost from scratch. You have several buildings for initial production, but the production should not stand still.

Gameplay Idle Car Factory mod apk

Idle Car Factory mod offers to gradually develop your enterprise. Start by making various parts for the machines and complete the assembly. Initially, you will have to do everything yourself to feel all the subtleties. Soon you will begin to appear orders and after a while you will not cope alone. In this situation, you can invite your friends into the game or hire workers separately.

At the enterprise, in breaking into the Idle Car Factory hack, not a small amount of money will spin and it will be better to spend it wisely. Constantly improve your shop, because technology does not stand still. You need to keep up with world technology in order for your business to develop successfully. You can make cars not only for the order, but also for a separate sale.

Features hacking Idle Car Factory mod apk

The main feature of Idle Car Factory mod is money. If you thought that a pool of coins is possible only in a cartoon, then you were wrong. But over time, it will be emptied, since it will be necessary to invest in manufacturing. You have to open not only new parts, but metals. You will produce in bulk, therefore, there will be huge purchases in the Idle Car Factory hack.


Idle Car Factory mod is a dream for car lovers. It is here that you can see not only the manufacturing process itself, but also participate in it. Details will move from one shop to another and you will need to follow all this.

To go to the engineering industry it is enough to install the game Idle Car Factory hack. To do this, take a modern gadget and click on the install button. It remains to wait a couple of seconds and you can start the production of the first part.

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