Idle Heroes Mod + Apk for Android

Idle Heroes mod apk is a dynamic role-playing game, which in essence is a clicker, where you need to assemble a team of various heroes, develop it and fight against villains! Do you think everything is so simple? No matter how wrong! After all, the villains in this game are very powerful creatures, to which you need to find your own special approach. That is why you have to go through a huge number of battles to develop the heroes so that they can cope with any difficulties without problems!

Gameplay Idle Heroes mod apk

In Idle Heroes mod is very easy gameplay, which you can learn in just a few minutes. You will learn the training that will tell you about the basic mechanics of the game. Well, then you set off on an incredible adventure through a fictional world, where all you have to do is to equip the fighters and use different abilities in time if they have them, of course.

In Idle Heroes hack just a huge number of heroes, but even more – equipment that enhances all the combat skills and abilities of your characters. Here you need to act wisely, since the outcome of the battle may well depend on your assembly, where only a dry calculation of skills and nothing else is done!

Features hacking Idle Heroes mod apk

In Idle Heroes mod you have to enjoy only the original gameplay. It’s very simple – the game does not have any modifications, but with joy it gives you the opportunity of an unlimited and free game in the full version of Idle Heroes hack!


Idle Heroes mod is a simple game that allows you to dive into the fantasy world and become the greatest fighter there. Just be prepared for various difficulties, and you will surely overcome them. The main thing is to competently assemble a team of heroes, pump it and equip it for easy victories!

Download Idle Heroes hack you can always and everywhere, it would be a mobile device at hand. It is enough to follow the links to download the full version of the game for free, which you can only install and you can immediately start the gameplay!

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