INC: The Beginning Mod + Apk for Android

INC: The Beginning mod apk is a minimalistic platformer, the action of which takes place in the world of the future. Arming yourself to the teeth and go on a crazy trip to various locations, where you will meet a variety of opponents, that they want only one thing – to kill you. Convince them of this by sending to heaven as many enemies as possible to achieve their main goal in this game. And do not forget about the bosses, which will be very difficult to kill!

Gameplay INC: The Beginning mod apk

INC: The Beginning mod is a two-dimensional arcade shooter, which requires you only two actions – to run forward and kill everyone you meet on your way. The game takes place in the fictional world of the future, so be prepared to use a wide variety of fantastic weapons to achieve successes and victories. The game has a lot of interesting levels and locations on which you will wreak havoc and destruction in the name of great justice.

Also, in INC: The Beginning hack there is an interesting story about the confrontation of a large military force, which kidnapped a brilliant scientist for his own purposes. Your task will be to save this scientist and destroy the entire Corporation!

Features of INC: The Beginning mod apk

In principle, INC: The Beginning mod is a simple platformer that has an elementary gameplay and no less elementary goal – to go to the end of the level and survive in skirmishes. Graphics in INC: The Beginning hack is also very simple and pixelated. It resembles old good arcade games on consoles or slot machines.

The result

INC: The Beginning mod is a great way to cause nostalgia for the old games in which you just need to move forward and shoot at opponents. Fans of such games will be just delighted with the opportunity to play the classic arcade on their mobile device.

Touch the classics you can for free by downloading INC: The Beginning hack on your mobile device and starting to pass level after level without any restrictions in this regard. Good luck in your battle and the search for a scientist!

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