Infectonator Mod (A lot of money) + Apk for Android

Infectonator mod apk is a rather interesting and unusual casual strategy game where you will lead your own army of zombies with the aim to conquer the whole world, turning it into your own servants! Get ready for a lot of difficulties on the way to world domination, because it will not be so easy to destroy humanity and revive it in the form of weak-willed zombies that will obey exclusively to you!

Gameplay Infectonator mod apk

Infectonator mod is a copy of the popular flash game and offers you the same simple gameplay. The essence of the game is that you give orders to your zombies, while capturing one piece of the world after another. Naturally, you will resist the armed forces of the countries you want to capture. Therefore, train your army, get new fighters and capture the whole world with the help of these invincible forces!

In Infectonator hack the difficulty of the game will only grow with each stage. If at first they do not take your threat seriously, then you should capture more than a certain percentage of the planet, as more and more powerful troops will arm themselves against you, which will not be so easy to defeat!

Features hacking Infectonator mod apk

Modification for Infectonator mod offers you certain advantages free of charge that will simplify the gameplay. She will provide you with a huge amount of game money from the very beginning of the game, which will allow you to create a powerful army and lead it into battle to capture the whole world into the Infectonator hack in a matter of days!


Infectonator mod is a very interesting pixel strategy, where you will need to take a lot of difficult decisions and constantly improve the army to achieve the goal and capture the whole world until the moment when humanity finds an effective weapon against you!

Download Infectonator hack to your mobile device absolutely free. To do this, use the links and start downloading a free copy of the game now! In addition to the original, you can also download a modification, which adds a huge amount of money from the start of the game!

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