Infinite Stairs Mod (Endless Money) + Apk for Android

Infinite Stairs mod apk – it’s very simple, but, nevertheless, an interesting arcade, where you only need to press two buttons and climb up the endless staircase, getting points for it and collecting gold coins. The difficulty is only that for each press you have too little time, and you can not make a mistake in the sequence, because the wrong move will lead to the end of the game. So be quick, but be careful!

Gameplay Infinite Stairs mod apk

As already mentioned, Infinite Stairs mod is an arcade game, where you need to press two buttons, so the control is simply elementary. The first button is responsible for the turn of the character, and the second – for the jump. In this case, it is worthwhile to follow the direction of the jump, because if you do not make a turn in time, the character will be able to fall off the ladder and everything will have to be done from the beginning. In fact, the game has no purpose. Just try to move as long as possible on the stairs to earn the maximum points.

Infinite Stairs hack is a modification that makes the game currency endless. So if you have a problem with money in the original, then you can use this mod. For money, you can buy various things in the game, including reinforcement, so it makes sense to use hacking.

Features Infinite Stairs mod apk

Infinite Stairs mod is a pixelated two-dimensional game, so here you can get your dose of nostalgia for those times when various kinds of arcades on slot machines with similar graphics were popular. Infinite Stairs hack is both a simple and difficult game, because having an elementary gameplay, it nevertheless offers you the real complex tests for dexterity and speed of action.

The result

Infinite Stairs mod – a great arcade that will brighten up your evening and give new impressions. Due to the simplicity of the gameplay, you will immediately understand all the subtleties of the game and can simply train the reaction speed and finger speed.

As Infinite Stairs hack, and the original game you can download for free on the site. Here only the current version of the game with modification, which adds to the game an infinite source of game currency!

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