Ingress Mod + Apk for Android

Ingress mod apk is a unique opportunity to combine business with pleasure, because this is not a simple game, but a game in augmented reality! Here, as the game world, reality itself is represented, where you will travel to your hometown and look for various things necessary for victory in virtual reality. Get ready to walk around to grab points and win. Lots of walking!

Gameplay Ingress mod apk

In Ingress mod your task will be the choice of the team for which you will fight in the virtual world. Then you go on a journey through your hometown or wherever you are – everywhere there are points that need to be captured. Players are divided into two teams, each of which has its own purpose. It is important here not only to capture points, but also to fight with other players for their safety, since the opposite team will try to take it away!

Hacking violence into Ingress hack is not welcome, so to fight is not to look for players from the opposing team in real life. All battles also take place virtually, all that is important is to be in the right place at the right time to defend the point of your team!

Features hacking Ingress mod apk

Since Ingress mod is an online game in augmented reality, there are simply no hacks for it. You need to move yourself from point to point and grab them so that your team starts to score points. After all, the one who controls the most points of points wins Ingress hack!


In Ingress mod you will get a completely unique experience of the game, which is that you will discover more and more interesting places in your hometown, visiting them in order to capture more points for your team and protect existing ones.

To enter the game, just download the Ingress hack to your mobile device and start playing! Then the matter of technology – the game will teach you all the basics and will immediately leave the cozy house in search of incredible adventures, and maybe new friends!

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