iSlash Heroes Mod (A Lot of Money) + Apk for Android

Become a real ninja, starting with small workouts, where you need to cut objects! iSlash Heroes mod apk offers you a lot of interesting levels where you will need to cut off pieces of wood to minimize the space while keeping all the shurikens in one heap! Get ready, it will be very difficult to do this, especially at high levels, so be careful and quick to win!

Gameplay iSlash Heroes mod apk

iSlash Heroes mod is an arcade puzzle game, the essence of which is to minimize the playing field by cutting off the “extra” pieces. Inside this field, several shuriken fly, which symbolize the “stars” that are given to you at the end of the passage. Your task is to reduce the space and prevent these shurikens from being out of the playing field, being on the piece being cut, as this will hit the final points greatly!

In iSlash Heroes hack there are quite a lot of different levels, the complexity of which will constantly grow and grow. Their goal remains the same, but the shape of the playing field will constantly change and become more complex, as will the limits of its size to win.

Features hacking iSlash Heroes mod apk

In iSlash Heroes mod there are various bonuses, thanks to which you can more easily complete the game. To get them, you can use a modification that adds a huge amount of money to your gaming account. They will help you to easily and easily pass all the tests in the iSlash Heroes hack!


If you are looking for great entertainment, then iSlash Heroes mod is perfect for you. Here are very interesting and diverse puzzles, which are consistently enough for a dozen evenings. Try to get them all to the maximum result to get the most points and set a new record!

Start your way ninja can be absolutely free. Just go to the free links and download the full version of iSlash Heroes hack on your mobile device. Immerse yourself in the world of the game and solve all the puzzles to win!

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