Jelly Copter Mod (Free Shopping) + Apk for Android

Jelly Copter mod apk – sweet world that is in danger of extinction. If you are a real sweet tooth, then you are simply obliged to help residents save their valley of sweets. More recently, residents made and delivered sweets around the world, until they were put on evil spells. Now, in order for them to resume work, it is necessary to collect all the sweets that remained on their territory and give to the enemies.

Gameplay Jelly Copter mod apk

Jelly Copter mod is a colorful game that will win your heart. Here you have an important task, on which the fate of the whole valley will depend. You will have to fly a lot of kilometers by helicopter to collect all the sweets. In addition, obstacles will be waiting for you, because some residents will not want to give the last food to save their lands.

In the Jelly Copter hack you need to stay in the air as long as possible, just so you can collect more sweets. If you encounter an obstacle in the game, then you can recover or start the level again. Continue level – this is not a free procedure and will have to pay with precious stones. For each sweet you will receive points that will help you move forward.

Features hacking Jelly Copter mod apk

A feature of the game Jelly Copter mod is shopping. Here you can buy any provided item that you like. And you can pay for it with coins or rubies, which you will be awarded after successfully passing a level. Even if you are defeated in the Jelly Copter hack you shouldn’t give up, try until it works out.


Jelly Copter mod – a colorful game that is just full of sweets. Whatever point you see, everything will be made of sweet material. Even the barriers themselves will look like sugar products. But in the game you will not see your opponents, but only items that will try to stop you. Be attentive, because barriers will appear unexpectedly.

Jelly Copter hack can be purchased absolutely free. Just grab your mobile device and click on the install button. After a couple of minutes you can go to the rescue of the valley of sweets. Now sweets will always be in your pocket.

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