Journey of 2048 Mod (Free Shopping) + Apk for Android

Journey of 2048 mod apk – a game with which you can travel around the world. Here you will not consider the sights of cities, and will encounter puzzles. Your task is to solve puzzles in order to win. You will need to interact with animals, because with them you will pass the levels. If you like little friends, then this game is perfect for you.

Gameplay Journey of 2048 mod apk

The game Journey of 2048 mod belongs to the category << Three in a row >>. On the playing field you will see a map on which the landscape will change with each level. In addition, on the site there will be animals with which you will deal. You need to compare with each other at least three animals of the same species in order for them to disappear. Then you get points and you can go to the next level.

Try to hack as many animals as possible at one time in the Journey of 2048 hack to get more points. At each level it will be more difficult for you to cope with the task, which will make the game more interesting. In one move, the animals will be able to unite and you will have to combine pairs already in order to receive a reward. You can spend it on bonuses that you can use during the game.

Features hacking Journey of 2048 mod apk

The game Journey of 2048 mod has a feature – it is free shopping. Here you can buy new platforms and animals that you want to see on the next level. Also, you can buy tips and use them in Journey of 2048 hack, when you will not know what move to make. If you fail, you should not be upset, because you can try again.


Journey of 2048 mod is a great option for spending free time. Here you will learn and see something new at each level. You will have to think carefully to get to the finish line. At each level, you will have new difficulties, but with a little effort you can handle. Invite your friends and play with them.

With the installation of the game Journey of 2048 hack handle even a child. Take any modern gadget and connect to the network. Now click on the install button and wait for the full download. After a couple of minutes you can enjoy the gameplay.

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