Juice Jam Mod (Coins, life) + Apk for Android

Juice Jam mod apk is a simple casual game where you will need to solve numerous puzzles related to the sale of juices to various visitors. However, doing it is still fun and exciting, especially when there is a special atmosphere of fun and joy! Well, you only need to collect combinations of different fruits to satisfy the needs of visitors, and gain points for the transition to the next level of the game.

Gameplay Juice Jam mod apk

Juice Jam mod is a puzzle game in which to solve puzzles “three in a row.” Your goal at each level is to destroy a certain number of necessary elements in the form of fruit for a limited time. In general, this is all you need to do in this game! Also at each level there are various bonuses that can help you in scoring and just moving to the goal. Do not miss them and use them when you need them.

Also at your service there is a modification in the breaking of Juice Jam hack, which adds a lot of lives and coins to the game. The first allows you without restrictions and continuously pass levels without waiting until the life-reserve is filled, and the second – to get a lot of bonuses and amplifications for passing the levels to the maximum result!

Features of Juice Jam mod apk

Since Juice Jam mod is a typical puzzle, the main feature of this game can be called a fabulous and vibrant atmosphere. In the rest – there is nothing unusual. Graphics in Juice Jam hack is very pleasant, colorful and cheerful.

The result

Juice Jam mod is a pleasant game, focused primarily on children, but for adults there are a lot of different tests that can be a serious challenge to your mindfulness. So play this puzzle fun for the whole family!

Download Juice Jam hack you can free of charge by the link. You have the opportunity to play not only the full version of the original game, but also use the modification, which adds a lot of money and lives to the game, with which you will not have any limitations!

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