Jump Buddies Mod (Infinite Stars) + Apk for Android

Jump Buddies mod apk is a fun, but very difficult arcade game, where you have to try hard to help an unusual creature to go through the most difficult levels. Here you will have only one rule – in no case do not touch the various obstacles in your path. Go through various levels and accumulate points in order to boast your achievements to the whole world! Of course, it will be difficult, but you can handle it!

Gameplay Jump Buddies mod apk

In Jump Buddies mod is a very simple operation. You just need to click on the screen in a certain direction so that the creature jumps up and moves to where you click. It is important to constantly press the screen, because without jumping your character will simply fall down, which will lead to the completion of the game and retry. Any collision with surfaces, which can also move, will also lead to it!

In the case of Jump Buddies hack, the complexity of the game will gradually increase. This will be expressed in the fact that before you there will be new difficulties and traps. Do not forget to collect various points and items at levels that allow you to get the maximum score at the end, able to move you closer to the first place in the ranking.

Features hacking Jump Buddies mod apk

Among the features of Jump Buddies mod is a modification that provides just an unlimited number of stars. They will help you to get everything that you want in the game, acquiring various things that you would otherwise have to save for a long time, passing the same levels during Jump Buddies hack several times!


Jump Buddies mod is a very interesting game, which, although it poses very difficult tests for you, they are all made with the highest quality and most interesting. Try to overcome all the difficulties on your way to earn maximum points!

You can always download the Jump Buddies hack to your mobile device by using certain links. On them you will get access not only to the full original, but also modifications that provides an unlimited number of stars!

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