Jungle Cubes Mod + Apk for Android

Jungle Cubes mod apk is a fun “three in a row” puzzle game in which you will pass level after level, solving puzzles at the same time to go to the next stages and earn lots of points on this. You can enjoy dozens of beautiful puzzles, which will be a pleasure to play, even if you are not a fan of this genre. In any case, you will be fun and interesting!

Gameplay Jungle Cubes mod apk

Jungle Cubes mod has all the same rules as most other “three in a row” puzzles. Your task is to collect combinations of identical elements in the same row. More items will bring you the most points so that you can move faster to the cherished goal of collecting a certain number of points to go to the next level. But even this is not important, but the fact that you will accumulate points that will go to the overall rating table!

In the Jungle Cubes hack, you will be limited only by the number of available moves that you can spend on passing each level. Try to cope as quickly as possible for a smaller number of moves to get bonus points and bring yourself closer to the establishment of a new record!

Features hacking Jungle Cubes mod apk

You can take advantage of the very cool features in the Jungle Cubes mod, if you use a special modification for this. It offers you a more dynamic, fun and interesting gameplay, which will be much better than the original Jungle Cubes hack! Play and enjoy the game!


Jungle Cubes mod will always offer you great puzzles that are fun to complete. Join other players from around the world to join them in the fantastic world of puzzles and become the best player, setting a new record!

You can always download Jungle Cubes hack from the links, while getting the current version of the game with all the updates and features. It is enough to follow the links, download the game and modification, and you can enjoy the game process at any time!

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