Kensho Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Kensho mod apk is a very unusual kind of three-in-a-row puzzle game where you will need to move the entire playing field in order to make combinations of three or more identical elements in the same row. This will be the whole complexity of each of the levels, because with each movement new elements appear that can simply fill the entire screen and you will lose before you complete the task!

Gameplay Kensho mod apk

As already mentioned, Kensho mod is a puzzle game where you will need to collect puzzles “three in a row”. But you will do it in an unusual way, simply moving the entire field so that its elements can move to the free cells. With each move, new elements will appear on the playing field, so if you don’t collect any combinations, you will quickly lose taking all the space.

In order to win at each of the levels in the breaking of Kensho hack, you need to achieve certain goals. All of them are associated with the destruction of a certain number of elements that will only grow with each level, complicating the already difficult game. Do you want a difficult test? Even if not, they will definitely be closer to the final!

Features hacking Kensho mod apk

Kensho mod offers you only access to all levels without any restrictions, so no modifications or additions will be expected. You can always play a full-fledged game, since in front of you it is Kensho hack – an exact copy of the original, only with the ability to play for free!


Kensho mod allows you to enjoy numerous puzzles that are full of in the game. So if you like challenging tasks for your brain to work, then this game is perfect for you. After all, here you will get not only fun and pleasure, but also you will develop attentiveness and logic!

To download Kensho hack on your mobile device, you need to follow the links and download the game. Then just install it and enjoy all the available puzzles for free and without any restrictions. All so that you get the maximum pleasure from the game!

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