KleptoCats Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

KleptoCats mod apk is a fun and very cute arcade game where you will take care of difficult domestic cats, each of which is just an incredible kleptoman! It is thanks to them that you will look for various things and decorate your empty dwelling with objects, giving it comfort and beauty. Do not forget to feed your pets and care about them so that they feel good and look for only the best things!

Gameplay KleptoCats mod apk

KleptoCats mod is a pretty casual game, so the gameplay will not offer you anything difficult. You only need to perform simple actions so that your cat can feel well enough for another hunt for various things that he will be looking for on the street. After that, the found item will automatically be in the right place.

Actually, the whole point of KleptoCats hack is to collect various items that your seals will find on the streets of the city. Have patience, because this is not a quick deal, which means you need to save things for a very long time in order to be able to boast to your friends or acquaintances in your collection later.

Features hacking KleptoCats mod apk

Some things in the game must be bought for money. That is why the modification for KleptoCats mod will provide you with a huge amount of this very money from the very beginning of the game, so that you can not deny yourself anything. In turn, from the modification you will get more fun and pleasure than from the original KleptoCats hack!


KleptoCats mod offers you to get charming cats, which in the truest sense will bring comfort to your home in your teeth. Send them to the hunt and encourage them in every possible way so that they are contented and bring much more impressive prey than in the normal state.

To download the KleptoCats hack to your mobile device, you just need to follow the links and download the version of the game that is most suitable for the game. There is a choice of both the original and the modification. Both versions are available to you completely free!

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