Knife Hit Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Knife Hit mod apk is a simple arcade puzzle game in which you will need to throw a knife at a moving circle, while trying to get into the apple and not get hit by other knives! Sounds easy? And you try to go through this game entirely! You expect the most difficult tests for accuracy and speed of reaction, because it will be very difficult to go through the latest stages, given that with each level there will be less and less space on the circle.

Gameplay Knife Hit mod apk

As already mentioned, the gameplay in Knife Hit mod is pretty simple. You only need to throw the knife in a circle, trying not to hurt the already driven knives. At the same time, with each level will decrease the amount of available space, and the speed of movement will only accelerate. Your main task is to use all the knives to move on to the next stage.

In addition, the number of points is also affected by the time it takes to complete a level during a Knife Hit hack. The more points you can earn, the higher your rating will be. The rating list is the only competitive element in the game, because it includes all the players who set one or another record. Beat the best player record and take his place on the list!

Features hacking Knife Hit mod apk

In Knife Hit mod, you can change the appearance of knives or simply acquire various bonuses for game currency. Want to quickly and easily go through the whole game? Then download the modification for Knife Hit hack, which will provide you with an unlimited amount of money that can be spent on the acquisition of all the benefits in the game!


Knife Hit mod is a very interesting and dynamic puzzle that will give you more than one hour of fun time. Compete with other players from around the world, gaining maximum points and ranking in the ranking table!

To start passing puzzles, you just need to download the Knife Hit hack to your mobile device. You can do this absolutely free, while not only get a full version of the game, but also a modification for endless money!

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