Life is Strange Mod (All episodes) + Data + Apk for Android

Life is Strange mod apk – life of a sixteen year old girl in which you can take part. Everyone knows that during this period, transitional age and frankly it is difficult for them. No one wants to lose his childhood and becomes an adult, but it is inevitable. The girl had not sweet, because she lost her father and can not accept a new stepfather. To all this, the best friend’s move to another city was added, communication with which was completely interrupted. The teenager is looking for adventure on his fifth point, only now they can end very badly.

Gameplay Life is Strange mod apk

Life is Strange mod can probably be called a book than a mobile game. After all, your task will be to carefully read the plot and choose the answers. Which is already up to you, because you decide the fate of a virtual character. From the problems that have come to rest, the girl is constantly depressed, which clearly affects her. The teenager has long been abusing alcohol and is friends with drugs. You do not need to be clairvoyant to predict what will happen next.

At this point, I want to quit Life is Strange hack, but in a couple of minutes the girl’s life will change dramatically. The character still had to come to school, because her stepfather had come to visit. We can say that it is not for nothing, because right now she will meet her future friend. The second girl is the exact opposite of your heroine, but as I remember a minus to a plus gives a positive result.

Features hacking Life is Strange mod apk

Life is Strange mod does not require features. After all, it is already quite unusual that you can intervene in another life and make decisions. You will know about your character all who he is and what he breathes. There is no prohibition to read other people’s correspondence and you do not need to listen to other people’s advice; you are giving them in Life is Strange hack.

The result

Life is Strange mod shows how one person can completely change your life. Just one chance meeting, and you start to see the world quite differently. You may have a mood, half the problems disappear, and in the end you will forget what loneliness is. You will always know what to expect.

To get into the life of a teenager, you can use the game Life is Strange hack. And you can do it for free. It is enough to pick up a gadget and download the game. The whole story will be accompanied by a melody that will help you to fully immerse yourself in the game.

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