Little Big City 2 Mod + Apk for Android

Little Big City 2 mod apk is a game that shows that tropical islands are not just for recreation. If you have long dreamed or represented the city of your dreams, where you will meet sunsets every evening, then it’s time to act. You got a paradise island, where you have to build your own metropolis. Make your dreams come true and create the ideal conditions for life.

Gameplay Little Big City 2 mod apk

In the game Little Big City 2 mod you have to build your own city and continue to manage it. Before construction you will need to clear the territory, because there are a lot of palm trees growing on it. To do this, simply click on the tree and remove it in a couple of minutes. When there is a place to build, go to the store and select the desired building.

In Little Big City 2 hack, you can speed up construction, but for this you have to spend crystals. Earn them will be the hardest, for this will need to work hard. So that you are not confused in what sequence to build a city, the game provides you with tasks. They will indicate the sequence of buildings and your earning potential.

Features hacking Little Big City 2 mod apk

The game Little Big City 2 mod does not have features, but because of this it does not become less interesting. Here you can build your dream city and live in it. You will give a lot of characters a place to live and work, for which they will be grateful. In addition, with each building breaking into Little Big City 2 hack you will receive a profit that you can spend on the further development of the city.


Little Big City 2 mod is a game worth spending your free time. After all, here you will be busy building the whole city, as well as deal with its further development. You will need to create not only concrete buildings, but also heavenly places. Your city will be located on a tropical island, which must fall in love with the locals.

To go to a tropical island, you need to download the game Little Big City 2 hack. Make it very simple, first take a mobile device. Now connect to the network and click on the install button. Wait until the game is complete and enjoy.

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