Lost in Harmony Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Lost in Harmony mod apk is a game where you can control the stars. Here you will become a young man who will save his love. This game is shrouded in not only melodious sound, but also romance. The girl’s parents are against the relationship with this guy and so he decides to steal her. Now the guy will have to run, putting his love on his back.

Gameplay Lost in Harmony mod apk

In the game Lost in Harmony mod you have to overcome a long way to make your character happy. On your way there will be many obstacles that you will have to go around. In addition, along the way you need to collect the stars to earn on your hero. Each time you click on a star, you will receive a new sound, we will connect that the whole composition will turn out.

With each level in the Lost in Harmony hack you will become harder and harder, because you will run non-stop. At each stage, you will have to wait for a new location and at the end of the game you will feel that you have run around the whole world. To make it easier for you to run, use a skateboard, it will be very useful to you in the forest. After all, it is here that you will have to run away from wild animals.

Features hacking Lost in Harmony mod apk

Lost in Harmony mod has no features, but without them it is even more perfect. After all, here your hero is driven by music and feelings, with the help of which he decides on an incredible act. Each step will be bumped into his memory and he will not want to forget the entire path made, your hero is no longer alone and he is happy. Carefully look under your feet in breaking Lost in Harmony hack, otherwise everything can stop.


Lost in Harmony mod – a colorful game that will not let you get bored. Try to collect as many stars as possible to improve your hero. So that your game does not end quickly, pump over the hero. So you give him more strength, and he can continue to move. You can also invite your friends and arrange competitions with them.

Download the game Lost in Harmony hack is very simple, even a child can handle it. You just need to click on the button that you see on your mobile device and the game will immediately start downloading. After a couple of minutes you can enjoy the gameplay.

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