Magic Rampage Mod (Money) + Data + Apk for Android

Magic Rampage mod apk takes you to the world of old classic platformers, but with elements of role-playing game! Take on the role of magician and go explore the mysterious dungeons full of dangers and incredible artifacts. Be ready to overcome many difficulties in order to learn all the power of magic and become the greatest warrior that possesses not only secret knowledge, but also powerful artifacts from the darkest nooks of sinister ruins!

Gameplay Magic Rampage mod apk

Magic Rampage mod is an epic adventure in a variety of locations, full of enemies and treasures. The whole process of the game is to solve puzzles, find items and destroy enemies that are on your way. In principle, the game is a typical platformer with traps and other dangers. However, there are also role-playing elements, which are expressed in the ability to pump skills and change equipment!

But it’s best to use the Magic Rampage hack, which adds just a huge amount of game coins to your inventory from the very beginning of the game! Now you can get better equipment and it’s easier to go through the game right from the start.

Features of Magic Rampage mod apk

Magic Rampage mod pays tribute to the old platformers with their pixel graphics and overall stylistics. The most important feature, of course, are the role-playing elements, which are pretty organically intertwined in this game. As already mentioned, the graphics in Magic Rampage hack – pixel and two-dimensional. But at the same time, it has a high enough detail!

The result

Magic Rampage mod – a great game for those who miss the good old platformers. And together with the role-playing system, it will be even more fun and fun! Pump your hero and go through all the levels to win!

Download for free with a Magic Rampage hack, which is accessible by links at any time. Together with the original full-fledged game, you can also download the modification, which adds from the very beginning a huge amount of game currency to help you.

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