Magic Rush: Heroes Mod + Apk for Android

Magic Rush: Heroes mod apk is an interesting mix of role-playing and “tower defense” strategy, which takes place in a unique fictional world where you will fight with various creatures that follow a continuous stream past your people. Collect the whole army of heroes and together with them defeat all enemies who only dare to challenge your valiant warriors. But the main thing is awards and rating!

Gameplay Magic Rush: Heroes mod apk

In Magic Rush: Heroes mod the gameplay may seem complicated at first, but gradually you will be able to understand what’s what. In the game you need to discover various heroes who will play the role of “towers” in subsequent battles. You can choose only five characters with which you can fight on the battlefield. Arrange them wisely, so that no enemy will reach the end of the game level!

In cracking Magic Rush: Heroes hack you can use various bonuses and opportunities that will strengthen your strength. It is for the rewards that you will receive as victorious prizes, you will be able to acquire all those things that can greatly change the outcome of battles, since you will have quite powerful bonuses. Use them wisely and win!

Features hacking Magic Rush: Heroes mod apk

Magic Rush: Heroes mod is a multiplayer game, so you have to hope for an honest game, because you will not get any modifications. Enjoy the gameplay and fight with other players without restrictions, because for this very reason you are playing in the Magic Rush: Heroes hack!


Magic Rush: Heroes mod allows you to take part in various battles, where you need to show not only excellent knowledge of tactics, but also properly manage all your heroes and their abilities in order to successfully defeat your enemies.

You can always download the Magic Rush: Heroes hack on your mobile device, using the links on the site. Go through them, download the full and current version of the game and immediately immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the game, defeating your enemies and earning rewards!

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