Mahjong City Tours Mod (Unlimited Money) + Apk for Android

What is Mahjong City Tours mod apk? Mahjong City Tours mod apk is not just classic mahjong, but also a huge number of different puzzles and levels where you can practice your logic, mindfulness and ingenuity! This puzzle has been around for so many years that more than one generation puzzled over their decision. Now in the era of mobile devices, you can again return to the classics, which was transferred to the screens of smartphones and tablets.

Gameplay Mahjong City Tours mod apk

Mahjong City Tours hack is an exciting puzzle game that copies the rules of classic mahjong. Before you is a playing field, on which a different figure is built from different chips. Your task is to collect combinations of two identical chips in order to finally disassemble the whole figure.

To make it somewhat more difficult than it seems, because often there are several combinations that can lead to victory and loss. Mahjong City Tours mod will somewhat ease your task, as it will provide you with an endless game currency, for which you can purchase many different amplifications that will make the game easier!

Graphics and sound Mahjong City Tours mod apk

Mahjong City Tours hack is a board game, so there are no graphics here. All the chips and figures are made superbly and as qualitatively as for a two-dimensional game. The sound of Mahjong City Tours mod is also nothing special.

The result

Mahjong City Tours hack – an excellent opportunity to play again in this ancient game or to open it for yourself if you have not played it before. It’s simple in appearance, but it’s worth playing a few games and you’ll immediately notice that not only is it necessary to be attentive, but also to think logically, so as not to be in a quandary.

Of course, Mahjong City Tours mod will somewhat ease the task for you, but you still need to go through the levels yourself. So if you are not afraid of difficulties, then safely download the game to your mobile device and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of mahjong. And most importantly – it’s all free!

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