Major GUN Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Major GUN mod apk is a game where all the dregs of society crawled out onto the streets of the city. Here you will meet mentally ill people, terrorists and other vermin, which intends to destroy more than one city. The city has no choice but to destroy the problem, but it will need help. It was you who were chosen for this mission, so do not dare to fail. Choose your weapon and go ahead!

Gameplay Major GUN mod apk

In the game Major GUN mod you will need to clear the city of bad people. At one point, all the dregs of society decided to take over the world, destroying normal people. Now the entire population is in danger and they need help. You and your spetsnaz group decide to go on this mission and begin to carry out tasks. Do not let opponents touch you, attack them first.

During Major GUN hack, sick people can no longer control themselves and can no longer be cured. You just have to kill them so that normal people can continue their existence. Your opponents are very tricky and can get close when you don’t wait at all, so be very careful. As soon as you see the enemy, open fire.

Features hacking Major GUN mod apk

Major GUN mod game has a peculiarity – this is money. You will get them here for almost every dead monster, but you will have to work hard. The reward you can spend on your hero. You will be able to bleed him into Major GUN hack and improve his skills. In addition, you will need to buy new weapons, because with each level you will become more difficult.


Major GUN mod is not a game for wimps, but for real fighters. You have to fulfill an important mission, together with your team, to continue life on earth. All the dregs of society crawled out onto the streets of the big city and want to take possession of them. Now, ordinary people have no place here and they leave their homes in horror. Stop this horror and return to the city the old life.

You can become a hero not only in real, but also in the virtual world of Major GUN hack. To do this, you need to install the game and you can go to save humanity. Take any modern gadget and click on the install button. After a couple of minutes you can enjoy the gameplay.

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