Make More! Mod (Endless Money) + Apk for Android

Make More! mod apk is a simple but entertaining clicker where you can become the owner of several factories for the production of a wide variety of products, from the simplest wooden products to various diamonds. The essence is to force your employees to give 100%, increasing the speed of production and production volumes, which in turn allows you to earn even more money!

Gameplay Make More! mod apk

All that is required of you in Make More! mod – click on the screen. The more often you do this, the faster your employees will perform their work. You start with one factory and several jobs, but gradually you will not only expand the existing production, but also buy new workshops! To make it easier, you can use various bonuses, right up to the autoclicker, which will help you speed up the employees and make them work hard.

By tradition, there is also a Make More! hack, which provides at your disposal an inexhaustible source of game currency, with which to hire the best employees, improve jobs and just buy various bonuses will not be difficult.

Features Make More! mod apk

Make More! mod will delight you with the simplicity of the gameplay and the fact that you do not even need to be constantly playing to make the goods. You just need to go sometimes and sell it, as well as monitor improvements for workers and the workshop itself. Graphics Make More! hack – not the most important thing. It is quite pleasant here, although it does not pretend to be the most realistic and colorful graphics in games of this genre.

The result

Make More! mod is a very nice clicker, it’s a pleasure to play it. And although he does not offer you any exciting and unusual gameplay, but still unlike most other clickers, there was a place for humor and fun.

Especially, you can download Make More! hack free and immediately receive an endless game currency, which allows you to open all the possibilities of the game in a couple of minutes. This is a great way to get to know the full game and find out what lies ahead, if you suddenly want to play the original.

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