Maleficent Free Fall Mod (Endless Lives) + Data + Apk for Android

Do you remember such a film as “Maleficent”? Now you can play the game based on his motives! Maleficent Free Fall mod apk is an old story told in a new way. You are waiting for fascinating puzzles “three in a row” and a completely new story of the origin of the main character and her transformation into an evil sorceress. Overcome a huge number of levels before you learn the outcome of this stunning and sad story, which is somewhat different from what you could see in the movie!

Gameplay Maleficent Free Fall mod apk

In fact, Maleficent Free Fall hack is nothing special. The game is a standard puzzle “three in a row”, where you need to make combinations of colorful crystals, moving them around the playing field. This way you will advance through the levels to the final. The better the combination you collect, the stronger the bonuses will be able to use for your victory!

Although the game provides you with a limited number of lives that you can spend on passing through levels, Maleficent Free Fall mod removes this injustice and gives you an unlimited number of lives so that you can not stop on the reached and confidently move forward to the finish!

Features Maleficent Free Fall mod apk

Thanks to the fact that Maleficent Free Fall hack was created based on the original film, all the same characters are present here as in the work of the same name. So you can again meet with the same characters and learn their more detailed history.

Maleficent Free Fall mod has a bright and colorful graphics, which almost repeats that from the movie. The sound in the game also adds a fabulous atmosphere to the game.

The result

Maleficent Free Fall hack is a great way to go back to the old tale and learn its history in a new way. Moreover, the gameplay is quite interesting and offers you to solve a variety of riddles. Some of them may even challenge you!

Download Maleficent Free Fall mod can be in a few clicks. The game and hacking are completely free, so you can safely download them to your mobile device and plunge into the magical atmosphere of the game.

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