Match 3 – Spooky Hotel Mod (Free Shopping) + Apk for Android

Match 3 – Spooky Hotel mod apk is a simple “three in a row” puzzle game in a mystical, but very unusual and fun style that will take you back to the fictional world, where Dracula and his friends decided to create their own horror hotel. But this time you will not have to deal with hotel business, but to fold numerous puzzles for which solid rewards are relied! Well, ready to set a new record?

Gameplay Match 3 – Spooky Hotel mod apk

In Match 3 – Spooky Hotel mod is all very elementary! From you at each level you just need to score points, collecting several identical elements in the same row. More element – more points, which is crucial in the game. After all, at each level you will have restrictions on the number of available moves, which forces you to look for the best combinations for the maximum result of passing.

In Match 3 – Spooky Hotel hack is just a huge amount of levels. At the same time, each of them has its own table of records, which includes all the players. Want to be the best? It is time to set a completely new record and take the first place, pushing out the leader in points. So the game has something to strive for!

Features hacking Match 3 – Spooky Hotel mod apk

Of course, where without modifications? Just one such is available for Match 3 – Spooky Hotel mod, which allows you to get everything you can buy in the game for free. After all, the essence of the modification – free purchases that will be available to you without any restrictions in the Match 3 – Spooky Hotel hack!


Match 3 – Spooky Hotel mod is a very easy game for the whole family, which will be easy to play and very fun. Just relax and have fun with every puzzle that is in the game. But the further you progress, the harder it will be to play!

Download Match 3 – Spooky Hotel hack on your mobile device, you can always absolutely free. Just follow the links and download a full-fledged game that is available not only in the original, but also with a modification for free purchases!

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