Maze Planet 3D 2017 Mod (All open, no ads) + Apk for Android

Maze Planet 3D 2017 mod apk is a fun three-dimensional puzzle game where you need to help the ball reach the marked position. But the main thing is not this, but the fact that each level represents a whole planet, where there is a certain labyrinth. It is with the bends of the planet that you will move the ball and try to get exactly where you need it. But remember, it will gradually become harder and harder to play, so if you are not afraid of difficulties, then join!

Gameplay Maze Planet 3D 2017 mod apk

In Maze Planet 3D 2017 mod is just an elementary gameplay. You will have a certain playing field, which is a planet with a labyrinth, and a ball that must be delivered to its destination. Moving the planet you will force the ball to move under the influence of gravity. Thus, you will try to do so that the ball could easily and simply reach its goal, and you would get points and could set a new record!

A special feature of Maze Planet 3D 2017 hack is that each level is unique. Moreover, you yourself can set certain parameters so that you get a completely unique maze! The complexity of the game will increase, so that the size of the playing field will increase, giving you some difficulty in passing.

Features hacking Maze Planet 3D 2017 mod apk

Thanks to the modification for Maze Planet 3D 2017 mod, you can not only unlock all the paid levels and features for free, but also completely forget what advertising is. All possibilities will be available to you in order to have a fun and interesting time in Maze Planet 3D 2017 hack!


Maze Planet 3D 2017 mod is an amazing opportunity not only to test your skills in going through mazes, but also to develop attentiveness and logic. After all, without them, you simply can not go far in this difficult game.

To download the Maze Planet 3D 2017 hack on your mobile device, you just need to follow the links and download only the current version of the game, not only in the original, but also with a modification!

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