Mega Mall Story Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Mega Mall Story mod apk is a fun strategy game with clicker elements, which offers you a little bit, and the whole position of the owner of a huge shopping center, where you will manage everything you can. Open your own business and start selling a wide variety of products that will help you to get rich and open even more trading platforms for your favorite buyers. Well, ready to create the best mall?

Gameplay Mega Mall Story mod apk

In Mega Mall Story mod is nothing complicated. Of course, you will start the game not with the golden mountains and not with hundreds of stores, but this is what you have to strive for. You will be able to start from several stores and gradually open up more and more new outlets that will generate income for the further expansion of your business. Gradually move to more elite stores to get huge amounts of money on your virtual account!

During the Mega Mall Story hack, it is important not only to invest money in built stores, but also to explore new enrichment opportunities. The game is not as simple as it seems at first glance, so pay attention to all the nuances so as not to burn out!

Features hacking Mega Mall Story mod apk

What could be the main thing in Mega Mall Story mod, if not money? With the help of the modification, you can get just unlimited finances on your virtual account, thanks to which it is easy to create the best shopping center in the world. So if you want to grow fast in the Mega Mall Story hack, then the modification is your choice.


Mega Mall Story mod allows you to feel like a full-fledged owner of a shopping center and independently manage all his business. Build additional stores, research technologies, hire professionals and you will see how money flows to you like a river.

To start your business in Mega Mall Story hack, you simply download the game on your mobile device. So feel free to download the game and enjoy its gameplay without any restrictions!

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