Metal Shooter: Run and Gun Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Metal Shooter: Run and Gun mod apk – a game where you have to destroy the whole base of robots. Alien robots have arrived on one of the tropical islands and it is not known what to expect from them. Your team was chosen as the best fighters and sent to the danger zone. Arriving on the island, the robots made it clear to you that this is not for peaceful purposes and that you have no choice but to destroy them.

Gameplay Metal Shooter: Run and Gun mod apk

In the game Metal Shooter: Run and Gun mod you will become the chosen hero, who will go to a tropical island. Unfortunately, here you will not rest, but fight with your opponents. Alien residents decided to take over your planet and started from a small island in the middle of the ocean. It is in this place that their base will be located, which you will have to destroy.

Just received information about the landing of enemies in the Metal Shooter: Run and Gun hack, so you need to hurry. Go to the choice of character as soon as you start the game. There will be a large selection and each character will have special features, but you will have too little time. Be sure to grab a weapon, otherwise the mission for you will end very quickly.

Features hacking Metal Shooter: Run and Gun mod apk

To go on a quest in the game Metal Shooter: Run and Gun mod, you will need cash. Since they are a feature of the game, you can get them by completing the order. For each action in the Metal Shooter: Run and Gun hack you will receive an award that you can invest in your character. You need to pump it as often as possible.


Metal Shooter: Run and Gun mod is a game where you will be assigned an important mission. Not every player can cope with such tasks, but the local population relies on you. If you are ready to save your planet from aliens, then get ready for battle. You can also call on your friends for help and overcome opponents with them. To see your results, go to the ranking table.

Download the game Metal Shooter: Run and Gun hack is very simple, for this many brains are not needed. Grab a mobile device and connect to the network. Now click on the download button and wait a couple of minutes. After a while you can enjoy the gameplay.

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