Metal Slug Defense Mod (Lot of money) + Apk for Android

Metal Slug Defense mod apk – a virtual world where endless war lasts. There are always lights flashing and powerful explosions are heard, and not a moment of rest. This disaster began on an ordinary sunny day, it was then that alien beings invaded Earth and began to kill all living things. So far, the alien guests are not far advanced, but do not relax. If you try hard, you can end this battle.

Gameplay Metal Slug Defense mod apk

In the game Metal Slug Defense mod you have to become not just a hero, but a real defender of the planet. At the legendary battle, decided to go only four people and you will need them to help drive out the alien guests. Here they will be presented not small in size, as we are usually shown in films. On the playground, you will find real giants who can destroy you at once.

According to this, in the case of Metal Slug Defense hack you should attack first and not wait for the monsters to approach, so you will increase your chances of winning. With each level it will become more difficult and the number of monsters will increase in your account. In order not to die from the first monster, constantly improve your heroes. So you can increase their strength and add confidence.

Features hacking Metal Slug Defense mod apk

Money is the main feature in the game Metal Slug Defense mod, because it is on them you can afford to buy everything you need. It is necessary to improve not only heroes in the breaking of Metal Slug Defense hack, but also weapons. One pistol is enough for you, because its power plays the main role here. Choosing a weapon, take this seriously, because the fate of your heroes will depend on it.


Metal Slug Defense mod – a game that is decorated in the style of anime. If you are a fan of cartoons of this style, you can consider the game a real find. Here, over each monster, you can see his health and calculate how many strokes are left to inflict. But do not dwell on one monster, hit each enemy.

To download the game Metal Slug Defense hack you do not need to be a genius or spend your balance on the map. All you need is to take any modern gadget and click on the install button. Wait until the download is complete and go on a fantastic adventure.

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