Metal Squad Mod (Miscellaneous) + Apk for Android

And again, an arcade shooter! This time, try to defeat all opponents in the Metal Squad mod apk – a game where you pick up the equipment for the main character and send him to extremely dangerous tasks. Take full control of it and go through dozens of levels and tests, where you only have one – a dynamic and continuous action with a bunch of shots and special effects. Be carried by a hurricane in various locations and leave the winner with this deadly fight!

Gameplay Metal Squad mod apk

Metal Squad mod is a two-dimensional action packed arcade with a side view, in which it is very interesting and fun to play. Its essence boils down to destroying entire crowds of enemies that are scattered across vast levels. Just move forward, destroying everything in its path. After all the allies in this game you simply will not, for the enemies – a myriad.

In Metal Squad hack really very diverse rivals, and there are various bosses that will make you sweat! So it’s not for nothing that all levels here are called tests, since in reality they are difficult to pass.

Features of hacking Metal Squad mod apk

Metal Squad mod offers you an excellent modification, which not only simplifies the gameplay, but makes it elementary. After all, the modification simply makes coins, cartridges, bombs and life points endless. So just rush through the hurricane through all levels and enjoy easy victories in Metal Squad hack!

The result

Metal Squad mod is a very dynamic arcade shooter that opens up to you a whole world of the future. A world in which you can create everything that you want. Equip your fighter and arrange real chaos on multiple levels, destroying entire crowds of rivals.

Metal Squad hack – this is a game that you can absolutely free download to your mobile device. Just go to the necessary links and download the game to your mobile device. Well, just start playing and enjoy each level along with the modification!

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