Million Onion Hotel Mod + Apk for Android

Million Onion Hotel mod apk – a game where you become the owner of the hotel. But the building will not be simple, but with its own twist. The guest house is famous for its onion soup, which has some magic. Those who decide to try this dish, waiting for an incredible adventure. The character will fall into another galaxy, where he can see many interesting creatures.

Gameplay Million Onion Hotel mod apk

Million Onion Hotel mod – a game with a hint of magic. At first glance, this is an ordinary game where you own the hotel. But once you taste the onion soup here, you will immediately change your mind. Its ingredients are not known to anyone except onions. Having tried this masterpiece, you will not lose consciousness and will not die, but disappear completely. Or rather move to another world.

In it, you will not be alone in breaking into the Million Onion Hotel hack, since the soup has interested many people. In addition to their own kind, you will find other unusual characters to which you have to pay attention. After all, to get out of here, you need to connect them. If you see two identical characters, then you must urgently combine them. Good luck!

Features hacking Million Onion Hotel mod apk

The game Million Onion Hotel mod has no features, although without them it does an excellent job. Starting the game you will realize that this can not be in real life and want to try it here. You can travel with soup, which is more and more surprising. Connecting the characters in the break Million Onion Hotel hack you will receive a reward that you can spend.


Million Onion Hotel mod is an unusual game that you can enjoy. Just one click on the screen and you will move to a completely different world. In addition, you can invite your friends here and have fun with them. You can also arrange a competition where the winner will get the most points. You will need them to upgrade.

Installing the game Million Onion Hotel hack is very simple, everyone can handle it. It will take you some time, because you need to do just a couple of movements. Take the mobile device and click on the install button. That’s all!

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