Muse Runner Mod (Money, everything is open) + Data + Apk for Android

Muse Runner mod apk is a very interesting combination of musical arcade and platformer, where you need not only to overcome obstacles, but to keep the rhythm and press the screen on time so that the character can not only bypass the obstacle, but also create a musical beat. Every level of the game is built on this, where you will run through the levels, creating rhythmic electronic melodies that will delight your ears!

Gameplay Muse Runner mod apk

In Muse Runner mod is a fairly simple gameplay, typical of other similar runners. You need to help the character overcome all the difficulties that will haunt him throughout the entire level. Moreover, each jump in the game is a separate bit of music that will be created as you progress through the stage. The more accurate the hit will be, the more points you can get!

During the Muse Runner hack, the feature is that the hero’s running speed will increase throughout the entire level, so you will need to react too quickly to each obstacle. After all, one wrong move will interrupt your passage and you will have to start from the very beginning! And then it will only be more difficult …

Features hacking Muse Runner mod apk

Want to unlock all levels in Muse Runner mod? Then you will need money. Much money. Fortunately, saving them is not necessary! After all, there is quite a convenient modification for Muse Runner hack, which from the very beginning of the game provides you with all the necessary resources so that you can play without restrictions.


Actually, Muse Runner mod is a great rhythmic music game that combines an arcade and a platformer. Try to beat all levels! And even if you do not take the lead in the rating table, then at least just enjoy the great electronic melodies!

You can download the full version of Muse Runner hack absolutely free of charge on this site. To do this, use the links that lead to download both the normal and the modified version. Regardless of the chosen version, you will still be available to a full game with all levels!

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