Mushroom 11 Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Mushroom 11 mod apk is a very unusual puzzle game that takes you to a stunning two-dimensional world where you need to help a certain substance to overcome all dangers and difficulties in order to achieve the goal. Get ready for the real difficulties, because you will need to push the substance, giving it a bizarre shape, so that it can crawl through various tunnels and obstacles!

Gameplay Mushroom 11 mod apk

In Mushroom 11 mod is quite an interesting gameplay, where you will simply click on the screen to create a sphere that will push the substance. Keep in mind that it does not retain its shape, but retains its volume, while the substance tends to separate, which makes it very difficult for you to advance, because you need to deliver the substance as much as possible!

In the cracking of Mushroom 11 hack there is a huge amount of dangers that can easily take you to the beginning of the level during wrong movements. The most dangerous of them is lava, which is able to burn the entire substance in a matter of seconds. Overcome the areas with it is very fast, so that the lava did not have time to make a lot of trouble!

Features hacking Mushroom 11 mod apk

In addition to the ability to play a full-fledged game with all levels, Mushroom 11 mod cannot offer you anything else. This means that you should rely solely on your own strength during the passage of the game, since there are no modifications and other additions for breaking into Mushroom 11 hack that can greatly simplify your gameplay.


Mushroom 11 mod is a whole set of amazing levels that must be completed to get the main prize. Help the substance to go through all the difficulties and reach your destination!

Download Mushroom 11 hack and enjoy unlimited gameplay. After all, thanks to the opportunity to download the free Mushroom 11 hacking on your mobile device, you will have the opportunity to play for your pleasure, enjoying every level that is only present in the original version of the game! Try to go through them all!

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