Music Racer Mod (Endless Money) + Apk for Android

Music Racer mod apk is one of the most vivid representatives of the genre of “rhythm arcade”, the gameplay of which depends solely on your musical preferences. The thing is that the length, speed and atmosphere of the tracks are generated according to the rhythm of the chosen composition. So to say that the game is too dynamic or slow is impossible, because everything in it depends solely on music! In general, if you are a music lover, then this game will be your favorite entertainment!

Gameplay Music Racer mod apk

Playing Music Racer mod is very easy. The whole gameplay is to collect blocks that will bring you points. However, there may be obstacles on the track that can reduce the number of points received, so they should be avoided. As already mentioned, the speed of the track depends on the tempo of the selected melody, which by the way can be selected from both the network and local files on your device. So if you want a fast ride, choose a quick melody, and vice versa!

Although the choice of the machine and the route does not affect the gameplay, Music Racer hack still provides you with endless glasses so you can open everything and enjoy the gameplay without any restrictions!

Features of Music Racer mod apk

As already mentioned, the main feature of Music Racer mod – the ability to adjust to your musical preferences. Moreover, the game does not provide you with a set of standard music, you choose your own melody either from your own music collection, or by taking it from the network.

Especially worth noting is the graphics in Music Racer hack. It is very bright and colorful, executed in neon style, and will please you with futurism and a special retro-style. There are even different references to the eighties, both in the form of maps, and in the form of transport!

The result

Music Racer mod is a very cool game that every music lover likes. It is very interesting to play, especially since in the process you will enjoy those melodies that you like! Music Racer hack can be downloaded for free, so do not wait and download the game now!

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