My Cafe Recipes & Stories Mod (Money) + Data + Apk for Android

My Cafe Recipes & Stories mod apk is a representative of the genre of “time management” where you will become the owner of a cozy restaurant. Your task is to provide customers with everything necessary and provide them with first-class dishes of their own preparation. The more quality and varied the menu will be, the more visitors you will be able to attract to your institution. Create the best restaurant of your dreams in this exciting and colorful game!

Gameplay My Cafe Recipes & Stories mod apk

My Cafe Recipes & Stories mod is a very simple game. You just need to improve the various equipment and design of the restaurant, set the prices for dishes and, in fact, prepare them from various ingredients. In fact, it all depends on the speed of your reaction, and do not forget about the quality of the dish. In general, take care of the restaurant zealously and you can even set records in this game.

My Cafe Recipes & Stories hack gives you access to a huge amount of game currency, for which to improve the cafe to the maximum is not difficult. Just play and enjoy.

Features of My Cafe Recipes & Stories mod apk

The very game My Cafe Recipes & Stories mod does not represent anything special in its genre. However, here there were places to amazing and incredible stories, to which you can influence the most direct way. These stories are not related to your restaurant, but strongly affect the fate of your visitors. So it’s worthwhile to be attentive and choose development options wisely.

Graphics in My Cafe Recipes & Stories hack is very bright and colorful, just in the style of other similar games. Play this game will be interesting not only for adults, but for children!

The result

My Cafe Recipes & Stories mod is a good casual game, which is perfect for recreation, because it has a simple and understandable gameplay. It perfectly relaxes and gives you a break from heavy business or fuss.

Download My Cafe Recipes & Stories hack can be in a few clicks. And most importantly – it’s completely free! So boldly download the game on your smartphone or tablet and have fun in your personal virtual restaurant.

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